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UNSCN Activities

The UNSCN undertakes a range of acitivites to meet its mandate.

One main activity is the annual UNSCN Session, which have broad representation from the UNSCN Network, and usually include public symposia on subjects of current importance for policy as well as a series of business meetings of each of the three constituencies and the Working Groups. The UNSCN is also organizing other meetings on a case-by-case basis, such as the UNSCN Side Event focusing on the Impact of High Food Prices on Nutrition at the 34th Session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS), October 2008 at FAO, Rome.

Often described as being at the heart of the UNSCN are the UNSCN Working Groups, some of which have existed for more than a decade and a have contributed to important advancements in nutrition policy and programme. Through the thematic Working Groups, participants take an active role in the work of the UNSCN, promoting the successful implementation of programmes, sharing advocacy and review tasks in the substantive areas deemed of greatest importance by the collective UNSCN body.

More recently, the UNSCN Action Plan 2006-2010 envisioned three Task Forces of the Steering Committee to be established to work on cross-cutting issues in nutrition: Advocacy, Communication and Partnership Building (ACPB), Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation (AME), and Development of Integrated Approaches (DIA).

As part of its advocacy and communication mandate, the UNSCN is producing and disseminating a series of publications, reaching some 10,000 nutrition practitioners, programme managers and development workers around the world. The main publications are UNSCN News, the NICS Reports which is linked to the NICS Database, the Reports on the World Nutrition Situation and the Nutrition Policy Papers.

The UNSCN website gets about a million hits a year. A central feature on this new website is the UNSCN “One-Stop-Shop” Food and Nutrition Resource Portal, which will provide an online library of resources in food and nutrition.
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