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UNSCN Mandate  

The UNSCN vision is a world free from hunger and malnutrition where there are no longer impediments to human development, and its mandate is to promote cooperation among UN agencies and partner organizations in support of community, national, regional, and international efforts to end malnutrition in all of its forms in this generation.

The UNSCN was created in 1977 as the ACC Subcommittee on Nutrition. At that time it was accountable to the Administrative Committee on Coordination of the UN (ACC).  As a result of the UN Reform of the ACC (which was renamed as the Chief Executives Board CEB),  the Subcommittee continued its functions as the United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition (UNSCN). It reported to the CEB.

All legal documentation can be found here:
- ECOSOC 61st Session: Institutional arrangements relating to nutrition (1976)
- Supplementary statement on establishing the UNSCN (1977)
- ECOSOC Resolution 2107 (August 1977)
- UN Yearbook 2002 (page 1226)

The vision and mandate are laid down in the Strategic Framework 2006-2010, approved at the 33rd Session in March 2006. The Strategic Framework guides the development of activities by the SCN over the next five years and is to be reviewed again in 2010.

The separate SCN Action Plan is a rolling five year plan, that will serve to guide the development of more detailed annual work plans, subject of course to funds being raised.

Participants at the 33rd SCN Session agreed to a SCN Private Sector Engagement Policy that was developed by a Task Force established to explore if and how the SCN could engage the private sector in ways that could help realize its mandate.

In 2010, a historic overview of the UNSCN and its contributions was published (Richard Longhurst, Global Leadership for Nutrition: The UN's Standing Committee on Nutrition (SCN) and its Contributions, IDS Discussion Paper No 390, Brighton, Sussex, July 2010). You can download this publication by clicking here.

For its 35th birthday, Dr Richard Longhurst wrote a follow-up paper sharing his personal view on the future of the UNSCN. You can read this short paper by clicking here.
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