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On July 11, Patricia Valencia Barroso asked:

biofortification targets on wheat for Fe and Zn concentrations

Hi, My name is Patricia Valencia, I am a Agronomic Engenier student. I am writting my TFC about an study of Fe and Zn concentration made with wheat ladcraces from INIA. I found this in a paper (Graham et al. 2007): The biofortification in wheat with The HarvestPlus Challenge Program has adopted the target of increasing the concentrations of Zn in wheat grains by at least 10 mg/Kg, and approximately 25 mg/Kg for Fe in order to have measurable impact, assuming the percentage of bioavailable nutrient is similar . I was looking in and website, but i can not find from which base this these targets came up. I would like to know if there is any data about the starting points in current commercial varieties.

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On November 29, Janani Thirunavukarasu asked:

strengthening agriculture and nutrition linkages to enhance global food security

What are the key questions that needs to be addressed in linking agriculture and nutrition to reduce malnutrition ( special focus on undernutrition) in developing countries? ( Key questions that can be used to facilitate discussion with context to making agriculture more nutrition sensitive to enhance food security)

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On September 27, Deepika asked:

to measure climate change impacts on nutrition

What are the data collection methods and tools used to measure climate change impacts on nutritional status of women? I am taking - "Adapted framework on the causes of undernutrition" as shown in Pg no. 5 of SCN News No. 38, Climate change: Food and Nutrition Security Implications, 2010-as my research's conceptual framework. And some of the data collection tools I am planning to use are Anthropometry (BMI)for measuring nutritional status of women, historical timeline and seasonal calender for gathering significant climatic events and changes/effects experienced by the community, focus group discussion, etc. Thank you!

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On September 21, Rose Sikhoya asked:

complementary food

Hi, I just wanted to know if there is a standard tool/questionnaire for collecting data on complementary feeding.Thanks

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On July 05, kristen Hoyle asked:

Nutition Education

I am travelling to El Salvador as a nurse volunteer and am going to be teaching about maternal, infant/child nutrition. I am looking for some resources that would be culturally sensitive, and in Spanish. Or strategies to teaching these topics. Thanks!

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On June 28, Ang Theany asked:

How to raise nutrition awareness among the poors in developing country

I want to bring nutrition issue to poor families in rural area to aware of the important of nutrition in their food diet. Where should I start to address this issue with them because I have noticed that poor people always consider about the quantity and price, but not quality of the food. They do not have basic knowledge to select good food. They often end up with very low quality. I observed that the imported food production is not proper controlled into developing countries where low quality of food produce for low income people.

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On May 26, Ernest E. Bethe III asked:

Seeking input on the private sector role in nutrition for low-income markets

Which organizations are working on incenting private sector participants to expand/extend their product offering to low-income markets? Where is the cutting edge research originating and where are the best practices being discussed? At what forums/conferences/meetings do people with a vested interest in the subject come together? What are the best lessons?

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