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SCN Briefs on Nutrition

Nutrition: A foundation for development

The international nutrition community has made great advances in understanding the root causes, effects and magnitude of global malnutrition and human suffering. However much work remains. Members of the international nutrition community recognize the need to better integrate their work with the work of its partners in development.

Nutrition: A Foundation For Development (2002) is a compilation of briefs on of the latest research findings in nutrition as they relate to other development sectors. The briefs are designed to facilitate dialogue between nutrition and other development professionals. They are organized both as a complete set or as stand-alone briefs that make the case for integrating nutrition into the work of the development community, as well as a PowerPoint presentation for advocacy purposes.

Stand Alone Briefs:

Complete sets (PDF or Power Point)

An informal Farsi translation by Reza Amani and Davoud Vahabzadeh has kindly been made available to the SCN for its Farsi readership. Dr Amani is Head, Department of Nutrition, Ahvaz Jundi-Shapour University of Medical Sciences, Davoud Vahabzadeh is an MSc student at the Ahvaz Jundi-Shapour University of Medical Sciences.

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Nutrition impacts of the global food and financial crises

The SCN has recently prepared two briefs on the nutrition impacts of the global financial and food crisis:

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Brief on the SCN

On 11 February 2009, Save the Children convened a seminar in London to discuss the food crisis, in particular soaring food prices, and the international nutrition architecture. The attendees discussed how the response to rising food prices can lead to faster reductions in malnutrition and agreed that the time is right to bring together the discussion on the nutrition architecture which has been evolving for some time and the demand created by the food price crisis for a more coherent and powerful nutrition agenda. It was noted that the SCN Chair is committed to raising the political profile of nutrition. In a brief on the SCN distributed and read out at the meeting, it was emphasized that the SCN provides a unique mechanism for effectively linking agriculture and health for good nutrition and for the UN agencies and its partners to work together to reinstall nutrition at the top of the international agenda.

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