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SCN News

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About SCN News

SCN News
is a periodic review of developments in international nutrition compiled from information available to the UNSCN. SCN News aims to help the sharing of experience in nutrition. The SCN News has published peer reviewed papers on issues of relevance to nutrition practitioners including updates on UNSCN member agencies nutrition activities twice a year since 1988 and in recent years once a year. Many developing country researchers and programme managers find the SCN News very useful, as they often do not have easy access to other journals. The focus on policy and programme implications makes the SCN News unique compared to other research oriented nutrition publications. The journal aims to serve as a communication channel for the international nutrition community of practice, highlighting recent developments in policy and programme. The readership counts 7,500 - 75% of whom live in developing countries.

Current issue

SCN News 41: Nutrition and the Post-2015 Development Agenda - Seizing the Opportunity - now available
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Previous issues

Previous issues available to download: 

SCN News 40: Changing Food Systems for Better Nutrition, 2013
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SCN News 39: Nutrition and Business: How to engage?, late 2011
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SCN News 39 Supplement: Planning and Financing Nutrition Programmes in ECOWAS, late 2011
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SCN News 38: Climate Change: Food and Nutrition Security Implications, early 2010 
SCN News 38 Supplement ECOWAS Nutrition Forum, early 2010. 
SCN News 37 Landscape Analysis on Countries' Readiness to Accelerate Action in Nutrition, early 2009
No. 36 Accelerating the Reduction of Maternal and Child Undernutrition, mid 2008*
No. 35 Universal Salt Iodization (USI), end of 2007*
No. 34 Working Together to Achieve Freedom from Child Hunger and Undernutrition, mid 2007*
No. 33 Diet-related Chronic Diseases and the Double Burden of Malnutrition in West Africa, late 2006*
No. 32 Tackling the Double Burden of Malnutrition: A Global Agenda, mid 2006*
No. 31 Adolescence: A Pivotal Stage in the Life Cycle, late 2005 - early 2006*
No. 30 Closing the Gap on the Right to Adequate Food: The Voluntary Guidelines, mid 2005*
No. 29 Overweight and Obesity: A New Nutritional Emergency?, late 2004 - early 2005*
No. 28 Nutrition and the Millennium Development Goals, July 2004*
No. 27 Meeting the Challenge to Improve Complementary Feeding, Dec 2003*
No. 26 Mainstreaming Nutrition for Improved Development Outcomes, July 2003*
No. 25 School-Age Children: Their Health and Nutrition, Dec 2002*
No. 24 Nutrition in the Context of Conflict and Crisis, July 2002*
No. 23 Civil Society and the UN System, Dec 2001*
No. 22 Nutrition Goals and Targets, July 2001*
No. 21 Nutrition and the Environment, Dec 2000*
No. 20 Nutrition and Agriculture, July 2000*
No. 19 Nutrition and Ageing, Dec 1999*
No. 18 Adequate Food: A Human Right, July 1999*
No. 17 Nutrition and HIV/AIDS, Dec 1998*
No. 16 Nutrition of the School-aged Child, July 1998*
No. 15 Effective Programmes in Africa for Improving Nutrition, including Household Food Security, Dec 1997*
No. 14 The Nutrition Challenge in the 21st Century: What Role for the United Nations? July 1997*
No. 13 Behavioural Change and Nutrition Programmes; and Poor Nutrition and Chronic Disease Part I, late 1995*
No. 12 The Role of Care in Nutrition -- A Neglected Essential Ingredient, early 1995*
No. 11 Maternal and Child Nutrition, mid 1994*
No. 10 Nutrition and Food Aid, late 1993*
No. 9 Focus on Micronutrients, mid 1993
No. 8 Highlights of the World Nutrition Situation, late 1992
Extracts from SCN News - The Lesser Child, May 1991
Supplement to SCN News No. 7 - Some Options for Improving Nutrition in the 1990s, mid 1991
No. 7 Refugees' Nutrition Crisis, mid 1991
No. 6 Preventing Anaemia, late 1990
No. 5 Nutrition and School Performance, early 1990
No. 4 Update on the Nutrition Situation, late 1989
No. 3 Does Cash Cropping Affect Nutrition?, early 1989
No. 2 World Nutrition Situation, Economic adjustment, March 1988
No. 1 Vitamin A Deficiency, Urbanization, March 1988

To view, navigate and print the pdf file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You can download this free of charge from Adobe Systems Inc., according to the instructions given.

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Guidelines for writing in and quoting from SCN News

Your contributions to future issues would be most welcome. Please send us material, books, notices of events, letters to the editor, etc., which you would like to appear in the next issue. Please see Guidelines for Contributors for instructions on how to submit material. Many thanks to all those who have contributed to SCN News in the past!

SCN News aims to provide information for those concerned with international nutrition. Publication of items in SCN News does not imply endorsement of views given, nor necessarily the official positions taken, by the UNSCN and its member agencies. The status of quotes and other material is generally indicated in the text and/or sources.

We gratefully acknowledge funding assistance from the Government of Germany, the Flemish Government, and previously the Government of Denmark, the Government of The Netherlands and USAID for the preparation and printing of SCN News.
For comments or questions, please contact the SCN News Editor (EMail: scn@who.int).

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