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Antiretroviral therapy of HIV infection of infants and children in resource-limited settings: towards universal access. Recommendations for a public health approach. Revision 2010


Published in : 2010

Available in : English

These recommendations are designed for health professionals involved in caring for and treating children with HIV with antiretrovirals and senior policy makers. They are highly technical, but have been peer reviewed by Paediatricians and other health professionals from around the world who specialise in HIV in children, and thus are a gold standard of care.


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English (PDF, 1.89Mb)


Originally posted at : WHO - Publications


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Themes: Emergency, general, Interventions, general, Micronutrients, general, Nutrition and health/disease, general, Nutrition and HIV/AIDS, general, Nutrition assessments and M&E, general, Nutrition planning, policy and programme, general, Undernutrition, general, Health Interventions , HIV / AIDS affected communities, HIV / AIDS affected communities, HTP module 15, Infant feeding in emergencies, Infant, Young Child Feeding, Maternal and child health, Nutritional management in HIV / AIDS, Nutritional management in HIV / AIDS, PMTCT, PMTCT, PMTCT, Poverty


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