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SCN News No 29 - Overweight and Obesity: A New Nutrition Emergency?

UN Standing Committee on Nutrition

Published in : 2004

Available in : English

This issue of SCN News highlights the global challenge involved in effectively addressing the increasing public health problem of overweight and obesity. Our goal is to update readers and raise awareness of the issues related to overweight and obesity from a broad perspective and highlight recent global efforts and actions for their prevention and control.


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SCN News No 29 (PDF, 1.21Mb)


Originally posted at : UNSCN - Publications


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Themes: Breastfeeding, general, Diet and lifestyle, general, Interventions, general, Micronutrients, general, Nutrition and food systems, general, Nutrition assessments and M&E, general, Nutrition planning, policy and programme, general, Overnutrition, general, Undernutrition, general, Vulnerable groups, general, Diet related chronic disease, Double burden of malnutrition, Double burden of malnutrition, Energy dense nutrient low diet, Food and nutrition policies and strategies, Food chain, food production and processing, Micronutrient deficiencies, Micronutrient deficiencies, Monitoring and evaluation, Monitoring and evaluation, Nutrition transition, Nutrition transition, Obesity and overweight, Poverty, Urban nutrition, Urban nutrition


Life-cycle focus: Lactation, Infancy, Pre-school age, School age, Adulthood, Intergenerational focus


Resource types: Newsletters


Locations: India


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