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SCN's Annual Sessions

The SCN Sessions have representation from concerned UN Agencies, from Bilateral Partners, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), civil society organizations, academia, as well as invitees on specific topics. Recent years have seen a high attendance, with up to 300-400 participants. The past ten SCN Sessions have seen participation of not less than 26 UN agencies and development banks, 51 Bilateral Partners and more than 150 NGOs plus a wide range of academic institutions and other civil society actors. Special efforts are made to ensure a reasonable balance of participants from low income countries.

In its early years, SCN Sessions were always held in the headquarters of one of the UN agencies. In the last ten years the Sessions were held year in low income countries as well as being hosted by Bilateral Partners.

The annual SCN Sessions usually include public symposia on subjects of current importance for policy, business meetings of each of the three constituencies, Working Group meetings, and more recently, meetings with a regional focus.

The work of the SCN is based on the principle of consensus-building and inclusiveness. Typical products of the SCN Sessions are broad agreements or statements by the SCN participants, constituencies and Working Groups. The discussions and conclusions are summarized in the Session reports. The networking opportunity and broad focus of the Sessions are highly valued by many participants, especially in developing countries.
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