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4th session of the UN Environment Assembly

8-15 March 2019, Nairobi, Kenya

The United Nations Environment Assembly of the United Nations Environment Programme is the world’s highest-level decision-making body on the environment. Its fourth session (UNEA-4) will be held from 8-15 March, 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya, under the theme Innovative Solutions to Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Consumption and Production.

The outcome document of the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development affirms that “poverty eradication, changing unsustainable and promoting sustainable patterns of consumption and production and protecting and managing the natural resource base of economic and social development are the overarching objectives of and essential requirements for sustainable development.” Two years later, the Second International Conference on Nutrition called for “strengthening sustainable food systems”. The UN Decade of Action on Nutrition proclaimed in 2016 takes that one step further by placing its support for the improvement of diet quality through sustainable food systems. In 2019, food systems have become an essential part of UNEA’s programme, providing a unique opportunity to better link the environmental, health and nutrition agendas.

These efforts will be especially apparent throughout the following UNEA-4 events:


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