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IAEA: Fifth Newsletter of Nutritional & Health-Related Environmental Studies Section

The fifth Newsletter of the Nutritional & Health-Related Environmental Studies Section contains interesting articles about IAEA activities in the second half of 2016. Learn more about new and nearly completed regional projects in Europe and Africa and on the preparation of a new research project on growth of malnourished children. Also, get updated on the outcomes of recent meetings, the IAEA’s role using stable isotope techniques to fight hidden hunger, and their new eLearning module on Dual Energy X Ray Absorptiometry.

Articles include: 

  • Of Olympics and Nutrition - The Race Pitting South Eastern Europe Against Childhood Obesity
  • Regional Efforts to Understand Overweight, Obesity and Physical Activity in African School Children
    - Achievements of RAF6042 and ROUND-IT
  • Understanding Body Composition during the First Two Years of Life
  • Medium and Long-Term Metabolic Dysfunction Risk Associated with Acute Malnutrition in Childhood
  • Nuclear Techniques to Validate Accessible Energy Balance Assessment Methods
  • Showcasing IAEA's Contribution to Combat Hidden Hunger

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