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Webinar - Multisectoral Mapping of Nutrition | La Cartographie Multisectorielle des Actions de Nutrition

Wednesday, 21 June at 15:00 (English webinar) and 17:00 (French webinar) Rome time.

Data on the implementation of nutrition actions across all sectors and stakeholders is often spotty, uncoordinated, or non-existent. Such an environment makes it difficult to access critical inputs for planning and scaling up discussions. What can we do?

The UN Network for SUN would like to invite both country and global level stakeholders to participate in this webinar to learn about how the process of mapping stakeholders and nutrition actions can help to improve planning processes, strengthen coordination and feed into nutrition information systems.

The webinar is co-hosted by the World Bank Group’s SecureNutrition platform.

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International Conference on Iodine in Food Systems and Health This first international conference on Iodine in Food Systems and Health will be held 15-17 November 2017 in Pisa, Italy. It is organized by the World Iodine Association to bring together stakeholders…

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