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Fill the Nutrient Gap: Identifying Context-specific Solutions to Improve Nutrition across Food, Health and Social Protection Systems

19-21 September 2017

Advancing national multi-sectoral nutrition policies and programming can greatly benefit from an assessment of opportunities and challenges for meeting nutrient requirements of key target groups, as this is a prerequisite for preventing malnutrition.

The Fill the Nutrient Gap (FNG) tool can be used to inform situation analysis and decision making. It leverages context-specific secondary sources of data and information on factors that directly or indirectly impact on whether people can access and consume nutritious foods, and ultimately, whether they meet recommended nutrient intakes. Consequently, the aim of the FNG is to present data on the current situation that country stakeholders can then use to formulate recommendations for policies and programming in agriculture, food systems, health, social protection, education and other sectors that can contribute to improving nutrition.

This webinar will introduce the FNG to stakeholders and colleagues, who are engaged in designing multi-sectoral strategies for nutrition at the country level. It will also share examples of assessments and the ensuing recommendations from over 10 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, where it has been conducted thus far.

We welcome you to use the following information to participate.

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