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SISN webinar - Why Invest in IR?

28 November 2017, 11am – 12pm EST

Join an expert panel of speakers chaired by Dr Gretel Pelto, Graduate Professor, Division of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University, to discuss the topic ‘Why invest in IR?'
The webinar will consist of three short presentations illustrating how IR has been used to great effect in a number of different settings: 

  • Dr Eva Monterrosa, Senior Scientific Manager, Sight and Life: "Stakeholder Analysis: An IR approach toward improving school food in Mexico"
  • Dr Alison Tumilowicz,Senior Technical Specialist in Monitoring, Learning and Research, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN): "MNP interventions in Ethiopia and Mozambique: The use of IR in program delivery" 
  • Giulia Baldi, World Food Programme: "The WFP 'Fill the Nutrient Gap' (FNG) Tool: Leveraging stakeholder engagement to enhance outcomes"

The presentations will illustrate how the initiatives 'map' on to the recently published SISN Framework and will be followed by a Q&A to allow questions to be posed to the panellists.

More info available here.

This webinar is only available to SISN Members. Members will need to login to the SISN member area to register. Non-members who wish to join the webinar can apply for membership here.

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