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UNICEF First Food Series for Young Children - A Video Series on Complementary Feeding

These series of videos cover the best practices of when, what and how to feed the first foods to young children aged 6–23 months. Using real home feeding situations in Kenya, Nepal and Nigeria, the video series show simple and feasible feeding practices introducing nutritious first foods for children from 6 months of age, including what to prepare, how to prepare it, how much and how often to feed as the infant grows, how to keep food safe, how to feed with care and how working mothers can continue to breastfeed their babies even after they start with first foods.

Both video series are similar in content but have been designed and edited differently to best suit the needs of their target audience. The mothers and caregivers’ series focuses more on improving knowledge and dissuading misconceptions, while the frontline workers’ series places more emphasis on the technical knowledge and how best to support caregivers.

If used at scale, these videos can contribute to improve the diets of millions of young children, particularly when used in combination with strategies to improve the availability and access to nutritious foods.

This series of 17 videos - 9 for frontline workers and 8 for mothers and caregivers - is currently available in English, but soon will be available in six additional languages (French, Hausa, Nepali, Spanish, Swahili and Yoruba). 

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Videos for Mothers and Caregivers

Videos for Frontline Workers


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