Global Nutrition Report: Data on malnutrition at your fingertips

The Global Nutrition Report has launched new Country Nutrition Profiles and a Nutrition for Growth commitment tracking tool to bring you new and improved data and evidence on malnutrition and efforts to address it across the world.

The Global Nutrition Report (GNR) – the world’s leading independent assessment on the state of global nutrition – was established in 2014, following the first Nutrition for Growth summit in London. As an independent body, comprised of all sectors of the nutrition community, the GNR mandate is to track progress against global nutrition targets along with the financing, commitments and actions designed to achieve them.

In November 2019 at the  SUN Global Gathering, the GNR launched these new resources and their insights were used in discussions and presentations at the gathering. For example, in her plenary presentation on the state of global nutrition, Dr Mariachiara Di Cesare used evidence from the Country Nutrition Profiles to highlight the progress of many SUN Countries towards global nutrition targets. Such examples included Paraguay, where rates of stunting among children under-five were reduced by almost half within just four years.


How you can use and benefit from these resources

The GNR’s interactive Nutrition Profiles bring together the latest data on child, adolescent and adult nutrition-related outcomes to identify the burden of malnutrition. These profiles allow you to explore the data at a global, regional, subregional and country level. You can use the data to suit your needs by downloading pdf versions of the profiles or interacting with the raw data.

The GNR’s improved N4G commitment tracking tool provides the latest data on commitments to end malnutrition made by key stakeholders at N4G summits. You can find out how governments, civil society organisations, the private sector, UN agencies, donors and other stakeholders compare through the new search function or by filtering through a wide range of categories including type of commitment, type of stakeholder and assessment of progress.

Case studies, briefings and other general information on malnutrition and nutrition advocacy are all also available in the GNR website’s new resources section. If you use any of these resources in your work, please do share with the GNR on social media via @GNReport on Twitter, or @globalnutritionreport on Facebook.

Watch this space!

The next Global Nutrition Report will be launched in spring 2020 and will unpack what addressing iniquities means for our actions to end malnutrition in all its forms. Sign up to receive GNR updates here and a copy of the next report here.

For questions, or if you would like to contribute to the GNR blog, please get in touch via


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