Highlights: November 2016

UNSCN members met early November 2016 for an exceptional third meeting since UNSCN secretariat opened its new office in the FAO premises earlier in the year. This series of face-to-face discussions was essential to enable the issuing of the UNSCN Strategic Plan (2016-2020) - clarifying UNSCN's mandate, role and activities - and to reach agreement on the direction of UNSCN work plan for 2017.

Mr Daniel Gustafson, FAO Deputy Director-General noted in his opening remarks that the membership of the UNSCN continues to grow, showing the multi-disciplinary nature of nutrition. The group welcomed Victor Aguayo, the new Chief of Nutrition at UNICEF; the new UNSCN members OCHA, UNEP and UNHCR; and benefited from the gender expertise of UNWOMEN.

“UNSCN builds on the mandate and strengths of its members, and works according to a principle of subsidiarity to ensure maximum impact while avoiding duplication of efforts” explained Michel Mordasini, UNSCN Chair. He showcased examples of his work to continue to mobilize support with examples from his meetings with UN-DESA and UN-DOCO and the co-chair of the UNDG for the UNSCN to contribute "nutrition guidelines" in the context of the revision of the UNDAF-process. Mr Mordasini is also working to reestablish accountability and reporting line between UNSCN and ECOSOC. “UNSCN has not only a role, but also a responsibility, to advance and support joint efforts across the UN system, focusing on the overall direction, scale, coherence and impact of the UN system response to the world nutrition problems.”

Representatives from ten UN agencies, as well as from the CFS Secretariat and the UN Network for SUN, addressed issues of global governance for nutrition, conflict of interest, and the renewed nutrition strategies of UNSCN members.

Photo by ©UNSCN

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