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New request for Proposal - Collaborative Research Initiative

Deadline for submission: 15 April 2017


Informing the Delivery of Nutrition Interventions for Adolescent Girls and Young Women with a focus on low and middle income countries
The Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science manages a collaborative research initiative aimed at advancing the state of knowledge in adolescent women nutrition. To deepen this initiative, the Sackler Institute invites proposals that shall focus on two streams of research:

  • The study of occupational status among adolescent women.
    Understanding of how adolescents’ economic activities affect their nutrition, and how such knowledge may lead to better intervention designs.
  • The timing of nutritional interventions with a focus on the reproductive cycle.
    Proposals shall advance our understanding of the effects that different timing of interventions (from preconception through pregnancy) may have on health outcomes.


Full information, including the eligibility requirements, are available here

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