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WHO Call for data on effects of policies or interventions that influence the school food environment

28/04/2020 - Deadline for submission: 20 June 2020 Background The Department of Nutrition and Food Safety (NFS) established the WHO Nutrition Guidance Expert Advisory Group (NUGAG) Subgroup on Policy Actions in [...]

Joint questionnaire on COVID-19 and human rights

03/06/2020 - Deadline for submission: 19 June 2020 https://www.ohchr.org/EN/Issues/Poverty/Pages/callCovid19.aspx  Background Several Special Procedure mandate holders will focus their forthcoming [...]

Food Systems Dashboard Webinar

05/06/2020 - 5 June 2020 - 9AM EDT/1PM UTC/GMT Register here The Food Systems Dashboard is a unique holistic resource intended for policymakers, non-governmental organisations, businesses, civil society [...]

Micronutrient Forum 5th Global Conference and the Second Global Summit on Food Fortification

08/11/2020 - 8-13 November, 2020Bangkok, Thailand The fifth international meeting of the Micronutrient Forum will focus on research, implementation science and policy development on all aspects of micronutrients. [...]

Results 1-4 of 4

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The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting people’s food environments: a resource list on Food Systems and Nutrition responses The current global outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has disrupted food systems around the world. Food environments are where people meet the food system. Around the world people’s food…
COVID-19 pandemic: The evolving impact on how people meet the food system For more than two months now, the world has been living in semi-confinement and the world’s economy moving in slow motion due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Both the disease and the measures…