Methods, tools and indicators

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Integrated Food Security and Humanitarian Phase Classification: Technical Manual Version 1

11/05/2006 - This manual provides technical guidance to the use of IPC among FSAU analysts and technical partners, and will hopefully contribute to on-going global efforts to standardize core elements of [...]

Community-based Therapeutic Care - A Field Manual + Annexes

01/05/2006 - This manual reflects the experience gained over five years of implementing and developing Community-based Therapeutic Care (CTC). It is a practical guide that aims to help health and nutrition [...]

NutVal (Nutrition Value of Food)

01/03/2006 - NutVal is a spreadsheet application for planning and monitoring the nutritional content of general food aid rations. A newer version can be accessed on their website [...]

A Manual : Measuring and Interpreting Malnutrition and Mortality

01/07/2005 - The manual is a joint collaboration between the World Food Programme (WFP) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  It is a key reference document for anyone involved in [...]

Improving Nutrition Programmes an Assessment Tool for Action

01/01/2005 - ASSESSMENT TOOL aimed at strengthening community-based food and nutrition programmes at country level increasing the ability to address the causes of malnutrition. It sets out a methodology in four [...]

Anthropometric Indicators Measurement Guide

01/03/2003 - GUIDELINES on Anthropometric Impact Indicators detailing how to collect and analyze anthropometric data through nutrition surveys.  These guidelines were designed for Maternal and Child Health [...]

Micronutrient Malnutrition- Detection, Measurement and Intervention- a Training Pack for Field Staff

01/02/2003 - A Training course on micronutrient malnutrition made up of POWER POINT presentations, Handouts and Photo cards aimed at raising awareness of micronutrient deficiencies Session 1: Important Nutrition [...]

Handbook for Registration

01/01/2003 - Guidelines on registration, documentation and population data management in various operational contexts. It defines new standards and processes for registration. For managers and practitioners [...]

WFP Basic Training in Food and Nutrition

01/01/2002 - A basic five-day training course on food and nutrition aimed at getting participants to gain a greater understanding of food and nutrition in relation to WFP’s work, and will provide [...]

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