Pregnancy, breastfeeding and infant feeding


Quantifying the Benefits of Breastfeeding: A Summary of the Evidence

Each year new evidence contributes to our knowledge of breastfeeding's role in the survival, growth, and development of a child as well as the health and well-being of a mother. This publication provides scientific and epidemiological evidence in support of the WHO and UNICEF Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding. This summary of the evidence of breastfeeding's impact on health outcomes makes a powerful case for protecting, promoting, and supporting a life-saving resource that ensures the best start in life for newborns.

  1. Effect of Breastfeeding on Morbidity
  2. Effect of Breastfeeding on Infant Mortality
  3. Effect of Breastfeeding on Intellectual and Motor Development
  4. Effect of Breastfeeding on Chronic Diseases
  5. Effect of Breastfeeding on Maternal Health
  6. Economic Benefits of Breastfeeding

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PAHO, Natalia León-Cava, Chessa Lutter, Jay Ross, Luann Martin