Pregnancy, breastfeeding and infant feeding

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FAQ - Lactational Amenorrhea Method

01/09/2001 - Focuses on LAM as a modern, temporary family planning method for women who breastfeed, and is addressed to the child survival and family planning health care providers. This FAQ can be accessed here [...]

Infant formula - Generic label

01/06/2000 - A generic label for infant formula The generic label can be accessed here [...]

Relactation: Review of Experiences and Recommendations for Practice

31/07/1998 - Often re-lactation is considered as an exceptional experience. However, evidence shows that most women can relactate if they are motivated and have adequate information and support. This review [...]

Indicators for assessing breastfeeding practices

26/07/1991 - Report summarizes the discussion and consensus reached on key breastfeeding indicators and specific methodologies for their measurement at the household survey level, following an informal meeting [...]

International Code of marketing Breast-Milk Substitutes

01/10/1981 - INTERNATIONAL CODE affirming the right of every child and every pregnant and lactating woman to be adequately nourished, as a means of attaining and maintaining health. It lays out recommendations for [...]

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