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2020 Global Nutrition Report Online Event

1 July 2020, 10:30-12:30 (CET) - Zoom meeting

As ever, the 2020 GNR presents the most comprehensive picture of the state of nutrition at the global, regional and country level, and tracks progress against global nutrition targets and the commitments made to reach them. Uniquely, the 2020 report focuses on equity and unpacks the role of inequities in tackling malnutrition. It does this in recognition of the ways in which malnutrition affects different people in different ways, depending on factors such as income, location, sex and age. Through this lens, the 2020 GNR reveals the challenges and opportunities for improving nutrition outcomes through food and health systems, supported by strong financing and accountability.

This online event co-organized by UNSCN and FAO, brought together key stakeholders from across the various Rome-based agencies in an active and engaging discussion around the latest GNR’s data, messaging and recommendations. The event focussed on nutritional inequities, examining synergies between the GNR’s own findings and the UNSCN’s periodic review UNSCN News #43 that extensively explored equity in food systems.

Presentation by Dr. Renata Micha, GNR Independent Expert Group (IEG) Co-chair

Presentation by Dr. Stineke Oenema, UNSCN Coordinator

Equity and the right to food: A systemic approach to tackling malnutrition - a blog by the UNSCN Coordinator, Dr Stineke Oenema and the FAO Director of Nutrition, Dr Anna Lartey  

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