Climate Change and Nutrition


Women farmers adapting to Climate Change. Four examples from three continents of women’s use of local knowledge in climate change adaptation.

The present publication aims at showing that the local knowledge of women is valuable and useful for the adaptation of smallholder agriculture to climate change. The intention is to show that women are not only victims of climate change, but also part of the solution. In this sense, the publication is intending to strengthen the recognition that a gender perspective adds value and important insights to the debate on climate change

Women farmers adapting to Climate Change.

Seith Abeka, Saudia Anwer, Rocio Barrantes Huamaní, Vinod Bhatt, Stanley Bii, Betty Prissy Muasya, Amrita Rejina Rozario, Hugo Rojas Senisse, Gregorio Valverde Soría


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