Trade and Nutrition

In November 2014, governments from around the world committed themselves to developing ‘coherent public policies’ to advance nutrition. The occasion was the FAO/WHO jointly organized Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2). One year later, governments also called for ‘policy coherence’ – when policies in different sectors support common objectives – in the implementation of the new Agenda 2030 and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. One area in which coherence is needed, is between trade policies and nutrition policies and programmes. This is a controversial area: some people are clearly worried about trade from a nutritional perspective; others view trade as an effective and efficient way to advance human development. Policy coherence between trade and nutrition can be achieved if deliberate effort is made to align trade policy actions to nutrition objectives. When policies from different sectors align, there are mutual benefits on both sides. For example trade policies that promote good nutritional outcomes, will result in healthy populations who can contribute to the economic development of nations. However, more focus is needed on making trade work for nutrition. This call was reiterated in the Rome Declaration of the Second International Conference on Nutrition for trade policies that are ‘conducive to fostering food security and nutrition for all’.

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Rethinking trade policies to support healthier diets - Global Panel Policy Brief No 13

14/02/2020 - As part of its series of briefs on food systems, the Global Panel’s new brief, Rethinking trade policies to support sustainable food systems and healthy diets, shows that there are [...]

The FAO/WHO/WTO International Forum on Food Safety and Trade

23/04/2019 - 23-24 April 2019Geneva, Switzerland Continuing the discussions from the Addis Conference, the Geneva Forum will address the trade-related aspects and challenges of food safety. The food safety [...]

The Safe Food Imperative : Accelerating Progress in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

24/10/2018 - Food safety hazards are increasingly being recognized as a major public health problem worldwide, yet among developing countries, there is limited understanding of the wider-ranging socio-economic [...]

FAO Technical Note: Trade and Nutrition

13/02/2018 - The relationship between trade, food security and nutrition is attracting growing attention within the trade and development agendas. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) cite trade as an [...]

Trade, Food Security, and the 2030 Agenda

10/10/2016 - The new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development sets a ground-breaking new commitment for all countries: to end hunger and “all forms of malnutrition” by 2030. The new goals will [...]

Dr Hilal Elver, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food: Report A/71/282

01/09/2016 - The Report A/71/282, submitted pursuant to General Assembly resolution 70/154, is dedicated to reiterating the importance of a rights-based approach to “adequate food”, that is, nutritious [...]

UNSCN Event: Trade and Nutrition: Opportunities and Risks

10/06/2016 - On 10 June 2016, Michel Mordasini, Chair of UNSCN and Vice-President of IFAD and Ambassador Amira Gornass, Chair of CFS hosted the UNSCN event on "Trade and Nutrition: Opportunities and Risks". More [...]

UNSCN Discussion Paper - Enhancing Coherence between Trade Policy and Nutrition Action

01/05/2016 - In Commitment 11 of the ICN2 Rome Declaration, Member States ‘acknowledge that trade is a key element in achieving food security and nutrition and that trade policies are to be conducive to [...]

Assessing the Environmental Impacts of consumption and Production Priority Products and Materials

01/01/2010 - The purpose of this report is to assess the best-available science from a global perspective to identify priorities among industry sectors, consumption categories and materials. For the first time, [...]

World Hunger Series - Hunger and Markets

04/02/2009 - This third edition of the World Hunger Series examines the complex relationship between markets and hunger. The report could not be more relevant or timely. In recent years, we have witnessed how high [...]

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