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SCN News No 13 - Behavioural Change and Nutrition Programmes; Poor Nutrition and Chronic Disease

UN Standing Committee on Nutrition

Published in : 1995

Available in : English

This issue of SCN News features a report of discussions at the ACC/SCN symposium on behavioural change and nutrition programmes as well as a report of the proceedings of the ACC/SCN symposium on nutrition in the epidemiology and prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus and obesity in developing countries.

Documents :
SCN News No 13 (PDF, 933.31Kb)

Originally posted at : UNSCN - Publications

This resource is listed under:

Themes : Breastfeeding, general, Diet and lifestyle, general, Household Food Security and community nutrition, general, Interventions, general, Micronutrients, general, Nutrition and food systems, general, Nutrition and health/disease, general, Nutrition assessments and M&E, general, Nutrition planning, policy and programme, general, Overnutrition, general, Undernutrition, general, Breastfeeding counseling, Breastfeeding counseling, Codex Alimentarius, Demographic, Diet related chronic disease, Double burden of malnutrition, Double burden of malnutrition, Exclusive breastfeeding, Hygiene, water and sanitation, Iodine / IDD, Iron / Anaemia, Maternal undernutrition / LBW, Micronutrient Supplementation, Micronutrient Supplementation, Micronutrient Supplementation, Monitoring and evaluation, Monitoring and evaluation, Nutrition transition, Nutrition transition, Nutrition transition, Programmes, Surveillance systems, Surveillance systems, Triple-A (Assessment, Analysis, Action), Urban nutrition, Urban nutrition, Vitamin A / Night blindness

Life-cycle focus : Pregnancy, Infancy, School age, Intergenerational focus

Resource types : Newsletters

Locations : Africa, Bangladesh, India

Working groups : Breastfeeding and complementary feeding, Capacity Development in Food and Nutrition, Household Food Security, Micronutrients, Nutrition of School-Age Children, Nutrition Throughout the Lifecycle