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Amir Mahmoud Abdulla, Deputy Executive Director of WFP, became UNSCN Chair ad interim in November 2019.

UNSCN Secretariat

Stineke Oenema, UNSCN Coordinator
Clio Azzurra Ippolito, Administrative Assistant
Alessandra Mora, Communication Officer
Denise Costa Coitinho, UNSCN Senior Nutrition Consultant
Jessie Pullar, UNSCN Nutrition and NCD Consultant


The mandate and responsibility of the UNSCN falls within the UN system. The five UN agencies, FAO, IFAD, UNICEF, WFP and WHO, with an explicit mandate to improve nutrition levels in the world, are members of UNSCN. However, membership to UNSCN is open to all UN agencies that have a significant interest or engagement in nutrition-related issues, and that are ready to contribute their knowledge and experience, and to support the work of UNSCN.

In addition, a selection of non-UN organizations may be invited to join UNSCN as associate members, in recognition of their strategic and global research and policy relevance, competence and experience in the field of nutrition.

UNSCN Members

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For any inquiries, please contact info@unscn.org.

Meeting our members
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