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Resources are exclusively related to malnutrition in all its forms, at global level and using multi sector approach. Members are encouraged to upload relevant content (e.g interesting case studies of countries, lessons learned, benchmarking practices, policies and programmes). It will consist of documents dated 2010 onwards.

The UNSCN resources centre is a database of nutrition-related documents and materials. Here, you can retrieve food security and nutrition related documents and/or links that have recently been issued (from 2010 onwards). To access any document issued prior to 2010, please visit the archive section

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The UNSCN 2016-2020. Capturing the learnings from its final years

10/05/2021 - The complexity and magnitude of malnutrition in the world is daunting and far too great for any one United Nations agency or organization to tackle and solve alone. Since its conception in 1977 the [...]

UNICEF - Prevention of Overweight and Obesity in Children and Adolescents

10/02/2021 - Overweight and obesity are a growing threat to children’s well-being globally, largely driven by a trap of unhealthy and highly processed foods combined with a lack of physical activity and [...]

The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting people’s food environments: a resource list on Food Systems and Nutrition responses

02/02/2021 - The global outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has disrupted food systems around the world. Food environments are where people meet the food system. Around the world people’s food environments [...]

WHO Action framework for developing and implementing public food procurement and service policies for a healthy diet

12/01/2021 - Every year, unhealthy diets are responsible for millions of deaths and lost years of good health. Urgent action is needed to stop the growing consumption of foods and beverages that lead to unhealthy [...]

UNICEF Nutrition Strategy 2020–2030: Nutrition, for Every Child

07/12/2020 - The UNICEF Nutrition Strategy 2020–2030: Nutrition, for Every Child outlines UNICEF’s strategic intent to support national governments and partners in upholding children’s [...]

WHO Bulletin Call for Papers: Behavioural and Social Sciences for Better Health

26/10/2020 - Deadline for submissions: 31 December 2020 What drives people towards tobacco use? What prevents people from doing physical exercise or adopting preventive measures during a pandemic? What [...]

The UN Food System Summit

19/10/2020 - In 2021, UN Secretary-General António Guterres will convene a Food Systems Summit as part of the Decade of Action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. The Summit will [...]

Children Eating Well: Healthy Diets Within Planetary Boundaries - Report of the Children Eating Well (CHEW) strategic workshop

02/10/2020 - The report Diets of children and adolescents: Unlocking gains for human and planetary health summarizes the outcomes of a strategic meeting by UNICEF and EAT in Oslo, March 2020.   [...]

Global Panel Foresight Report 2.0 - Future Food Systems: For people, our planet and prosperity

29/09/2020 - This evidence-based report offers policy solutions to improve the quality of diets using a food systems approach through promoting availability, accessibility, affordability, desirability, and [...]

Nutrition-sensitive investments in agriculture and food systems. Budget analysis guidance note

23/09/2020 - This publication outlines methods and actions for countries to monitor nutrition-related spending. It will contribute to understanding the importance and opportunities for countries to use costing and [...]

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