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Nutrition News Issue 1 - 2020

In an effort to present nutrition related news at the global and country level, UNSCN and the UNN Secretariats are teaming up to deliver Nutrition News providing a comprehensive overview of recent developments supported and/or coordinated by the UN system.

You can access your copy here.

The first issue for 2020 includes:

  • One UN for Nutrition
  • COVID-19 pandemic: The evolving impact on how people meet the food system
  • UNN-REACH supports high-impact Sierra Leone National Nutrition Fair
  • A Global Action Plan on Wasting
  • UNRC interview series: Building a holistic approach in Costa Rica
  • Nutrition in the context of urban-rural linkages
  • A spirit of collaboration in Nepal
  • How broader nutrition-based coordination tackles cultural taboos and empowers women in Sri Lanka
  • Policy guidance for food systems transformation
  • New Special Rapporteur on Right to Food
  • In memory of Arne Oshaug
  • Latest Publications and Nutrition Related Events

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Photo Credit: ©FAO Riccardo Gangale

UNSCN & UNN Secretariats

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