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The UNSCN 2016-2020. Capturing the learnings from its final years

The complexity and magnitude of malnutrition in the world is daunting and far too great for any one United Nations agency or organization to tackle and solve alone. Since its conception in 1977 the United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition (UNSCN) has served as a collaborating and harmonizing platform to advance the UN’s interagency work in nutrition.

This report aims to capture the final years of UNSCN ahead of its merger with the UN Network for Scaling up Nutrition (UNN) to form UN Nutrition in 2021. It strives to share lessons learned, trials overcome and harmonizing actions that have contributed to the positive UN system level momentum to tackle malnutrition at the global level to inform the work of UN Nutrition. 

The report was informed by a review of core UNSCN publications as well as the valuable insights gained during key informant interviews with members of the UNSCN family. This included past and present members, secretariat staff and collaborators.

The UNSCN 2016-2020. Capturing the learnings from its final years


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