UNSCN News is a periodic review of developments in international nutrition compiled by UNSCN from a variety of sources of information. UNSCN News aims to serve as a communication channel for the international nutrition community of practice, highlighting recent developments in policy and programme. The UNSCN News has published peer reviewed papers on relevant nutritional issues including updates on UNSCN members’ activities twice a year since 1988. Many developing country researchers and programme managers have found the UNSCN News very useful, as they often do not have easy access to other journals. The focus on policy and programme implications makes the UNSCN News unique compared to other research oriented nutrition publications.

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SCN News 41: Nutrition and the Post-2015 Development Agenda - Seizing the Opportunity

What opportunities do the Sustainable Development Goals bring to Nutrition?

The year 2015 is critical for global development. The international community is working towards the culmination of the Millennium Development Goals and is in the midst of negotiating the post-2015 development agenda. 

SCN News 41 looks at what’s at stake, what the opportunities are for nutrition in the post-2015 development agenda and what the emerging challenges are.

This issue includes:

  • Peer-reviewed feature papers on nutrition and the Sustainable Development
  • Goals (SDGs)
  • A series of opinion papers, including contributions by high-level nutrition champions Pope Francis and Her Excellency First Lady of Peru Nadine Alarco?n
  • Sectoral perspectives from representatives of the UN, donor countries, civil society, parliamentarians, private sector and multistakeholder platforms like SUN and CFS
  • Interviews with practitioners, field-workers and civil society representatives from Latin America, Africa and Asia
  • Commentaries with arguments for and against the proposal of a global frame- work convention on healthy diets

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The 2018 issue of UNSCN NEWS will focus on equity and non-discrimination as drivers of good nutrition.
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