Climate change and nutrition

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Human Health and Well-Being in an Era of Energy Scarcity and Climate Change

01/02/2010 - This publication is an excerpted chapter from The Post Carbon Reader: Managing the 21st Century’s Sustainability Crises that features essays by some of the world’s most provocative [...]

Micro-level Practices to Adapt to Climate Change for African Small-scale Farmers

01/01/2010 - This paper discusses micro-level practices for adapting to climate change that are available to small-scale farmers in Africa. The analysis is based on a review of 17 studies about practices that [...]

Implications of Climate Change on undernutrition

07/12/2009 - UNSCN statement prepared for the UN Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen (7-18 December 2009). This statement can be accessed here [...]

Feeling the heat: Child survival in a changing climate

01/11/2009 - A child’s chances of survival will increasingly depend on how climate change contributes to existing vulnerabilities and how well communities are able to adapt. This report examines those [...]

Demographics and Climate Change: Future Trends and their Policy Implications for Migration

15/09/2009 - This working paper seeks to explore the potential impact of future demographic and climate change on migration patterns in developing countries, in order to identify policy implications for [...]

Climate Change. Impact on agriculture and cost adaptation

01/08/2009 - This Food Policy Report presents research results that quantify the climate-change impacts on agriculture, assesses the consequences for food security, and estimates the investments that would offset [...]

Climate change and hunger

15/07/2009 - This report reviews current knowledge of the effects of climate change on hunger. It summarizes knowledge from global studies completed and provides an overview of actions that can be taken to address [...]

Protecting Health from Climate Change: Connecting Science Policy and People

01/07/2009 - A new report from WHO presents an overview of the science of the links between climate change and human health. It provides an update of the evidence on health risks caused by climate change, [...]

The state of the world population 2009

01/06/2009 - How do population dynamics affect greenhouse gases and climate change? Will urbanization and an ageing population help or hinder efforts to adapt to a warming world? And could better reproductive [...]

Climate change: a development challenge

31/03/2009 - Climate change is one of the most serious threats the world faces. It will affect all of us, but will have a disproportionate impact on millions of poor rural people. It puts more people at risk of [...]

Climate Change, Food Insecurity and Hunger: Key Messages for UNFCCC Negotiators

09/03/2009 - This paper highlights some of the projected impacts of climate change on food security and summarizes the responses called for by several of the largest humanitarian and development organizations [...]

Addressing the Humanitarian Challenges of Climate Change Regional and National Perspectives

01/03/2009 - Final report from the IASC Regional and National Level Consultations The report can be accessed here [...]

Gender and Climate Change - Women Matter

01/03/2009 - This paper seeks to draw attention to the gender dimension of climate change and the need to integrate gender issues in climate change responses, with particular emphasis on women’s [...]

Climate Change and Food Security: A Framework Document

01/10/2008 - Until recently, most assessments of the impact of climate change on the food and agriculture sector have focused on the implications for production and global supply of food, with less consideration [...]

Food Security and Climate Change: The Answer is Biodiversity

01/07/2008 - Climate change will profoundly affect agriculture worldwide. Food security in many countries is under threat from unpredictable changes in rainfall and more frequent extreme weather. Farmers in poorer [...]

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