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Healthy diets for all: A key to meeting the SDGs - Global Panel Policy Brief No. 10

The policy brief "Healthy diets for all: A key to meeting the SDGs" is a call to action for policymakers at all levels to recognise the central role of high-quality diets and nutrition in achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

While specific actions will depend on local contexts, the Global Panel recommends the following priorities for policymakers to accelerate progress across the SDGs:

  1. Pay explicit attention to diet quality in developing plans to meet the Sustainable Development Goals
  2. Adopt a systems approach to improving diets and achieving the SDGs, linking for example, policies on agricultural production and social protection
  3. Focus on improving diets for infants, young children, adolescent girls and women
  4. Address barriers and shocks impeding access to healthy diets for vulnerable groups
  5. Widen policy approaches to SDG2, enhancing food systems to deliver healthy diets for all and to address all forms of malnutrition
  6. Step up efforts to collect and report data on diet quality

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Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition