The UN Decade of Action on Nutrition 2016-2025

Action & Commitments


HarvestPlus commits to the Nutrition Decade

HarvestPlus is deeply committed under the Nutrition Decade to working with partners to meet the bigger goal of diversifying diets. For HarvestPlus, this commitment means leveraging this decade to provide increased and inclusive access to biofortified seeds and foods for all to benefit. HarvestPlus will continue to convene and work closely with all stakeholders along the seed and food supply chain to make this happen. HarvestPlus will continue to empower women and youth along the supply chain and hold itself to account to work collaboratively. HarvestPlus will also frame the next global conference on biofortification in the context of the Nutrition Decade.

HarvestPlus is committed to support governments and their partners to choose the most appropriate local interventions based on what is working, what is cost-effective and scalable and what is needed in the local communities. Plans should focus and allow for evidence-based prioritization of the recommended actions that may look different in different countries. These national priorities should allow the showing of clear linkages to the other national challenges that the governments are facing, such as poverty reduction, youth employment and the empowerment of women in rural communities, connecting to the bigger challenges that are relevant to our world. The plans should also be supported by clear local indicators for all stakeholders to track local progress using metrics that already exist, such as the Hunger and Nutrition Commitment Index, to highlight national successes and ensure accountability.

HarvestPlus pledges to fully support the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition.

For further information, we welcome you to read the full commitment here.