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Compendium of Actions for Nutrition

The Compendium of Actions for Nutrition (or CAN) is a facilitation resource to foster multi-sectoral dialogue at the country level. It presents over 40 possible actions to combat malnutrition, with 132 sub-actions - both nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive actions - classified into 3 evidence categories. In addition, it identifies 200-plus sub-actions that contribute to an enabling environment for nutrition. This comprehensive approach also underscores how the respective components fit together to comprise the greater nutrition universe.

In doing so, the CAN brings together technical guidance developed by the UN partner agencies and compiles the existing evidence references into one practical document that countries may draw upon to inform multi-sectoral nutrition governance processes, particularly nutrition-related policy formulation and planning.

The CAN is also a resource for colleagues working in nutrition-related sectors, as it highlights how actions and sub-actions support good nutrition from their respective sectors. It also helps raise awareness about how actions and sub-actions undertaken by other sectors contribute to good nutrition as well as the types of evidence to substantiate them. And thus, the CAN can help empower countries to establish a common language about nutrition, and ultimately, to bolster collective action.

The full CAN and summary can be downloaded here:

Full CAN

CAN Summary

Developed by the UN Network for SUN/REACH Secretariat through a participatory process in consultation with FAO, IFAD, UNICEF, WFP, WHO and academic experts

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