Nutrition and HIV-Aids

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Antiretroviral therapy of HIV infection of infants and children in resource-limited settings: towards universal access. Recommendations for a public health approach

15/01/2010 - These recommendations are designed for health professionals involved in caring for and treating children with HIV with antiretroviral and senior policy makers. They are highly technical, but have been [...]

Guidelines for Addressing HIV in Humanitarian Settings

02/09/2009 - These Guidelines for Addressing HIV in Humanitarian Settings aim to assist humanitarian and AIDS organizations to plan the delivery of a minimum set of HIV prevention, treatment, care and support [...]

Nutritional care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS: A training course

15/04/2009 - A training course for caregivers of PLWHA and their families that focuses on practical nutrition care and communication skills. This training can be accessed here [...]

Guidance on Infant feeding and HIV in the context of refugees and displaced populations

15/04/2008 - The purpose of this Guidance is to provide an overview of the current technical and programmatic consensus on infant feeding and HIV, and give guidance to facilitate effective implementation of HIV [...]

HIV/AIDS, Nutrition, and Food Security: What We Can Do

01/05/2007 - A synthesis of existing technical guidance on HIV and AIDS, nutrition, and food security. The synthesis aims to provide decision makers and service providers with guidance on how nutrition may be [...]

HIV and Infant Feeding Technical Consultation - Consensus Statement

25/10/2006 - This statement summarizes the information considered in the technical consultation, and lists the recommendations from the consultation, which should be considered along with the October 2000 [...]

HIV and Infant Feeding: Update

25/10/2006 - This document provides the full list of updated HIV and infant feeding recommendations, and an explanation of key points. This information is aimed at programme managers and decision makers, and those [...]

HIV and infant feeding counselling tools

31/03/2005 - These tools have been created to help health workers before, during and after a counselling session so that they can better support HIV-positive mothers. These tools can be accessed here [...]

HIV Transmission through Breastfeeding A Review of Available Evidence

01/03/2004 - This publication is one of a series on HIV and infant feeding. It presents the scientific evidence relating to the transmission of HIV infection by breastfeeding; this evidence constitutes the basis [...]

Nutrient requirements for people living with HIV/AIDS: Report of a technical consultation

31/05/2003 - Guidelines that contains the current consensus view on the nutritional requirements of people living with HIV/AIDS. Please note that knowledge in this area is evolving and these recommendations may [...]

HIV and Infant Feeding Guidelines for Decision-Makers

15/05/2003 - GUIDELINES for decision-makers highlighting areas of special concern around infant feeding and HIV on which policy decisions need to be made locally. They include a list of key steps and questions to [...]

HIV and Infant Feeding - A Guide for health Care Managers and Supervisors

31/03/2003 - GUIDELINES aimed at health-care managers and supervisors through the process of thinking about and deciding how to organize services. The background to the problem and the organization of the guide [...]

HIV and infant feeding: A framework for priority action

15/02/2003 - The purpose of this HIV and Infant Feeding Framework for Priority Action is to recommend to governments key actions, related to infant and young child feeding, that cover the special circumstances [...]

Living well with HIV/AIDS: A manual on nutritional care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS

15/03/2002 - This manual provides practical recommendations for a healthy and balanced diet for PLWHA in countries with a low resource base. This manual can be accessed here [...]

Prevention of HIV transmission from mother to child: strategic options

31/03/1999 - This paper is intended for all those with a part to play and a special interest in national policy making with respect to HIV prevention and care. This paper can be accessed here [...]

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