Pregnancy, breastfeeding and infant feeding

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Insight: Impact of early initiation of exclusive breastfeeding on newborn deaths

07/11/2014 - The Alive & Thrive Project’s first technical brief explores the pathways by which early and exclusive breastfeeding reduces newborn deaths and discusses program implications. This brief can [...]

Tracking Progress on Child and Maternal Nutrition: A survival and development priority

15/11/2009 - There is an urgent need to accelerate efforts throughout the world to reduce undernutrition, which contributes to more than one third of all deaths in children under age 5. Tracking Progress on Child [...]

Acceptable medical reasons for use of breast-milk substitutes

20/07/2009 - A list of acceptable medical reasons for supplementation was originally developed by WHO and UNICEF as an annex to the Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) package of tools in 1992. WHO and UNICEF [...]

Indicators for assessing infant and young child feeding practices.

08/11/2007 - Presents eight core and seven optimal indicators for assessing feeding practices in children 0 to 24 months of age, and includes an update of indicators presented in the WHO/UNICEF document Indicators [...]

Why infant formula causes deaths due to diarrhoea in emergencies

31/03/2007 - Why infant formula causes deaths due to diarrhoea | ENN A paper that describes how the use of infant formula contributes to diarrhoea in emergency and resource limited settings. Explains the [...]

Safe preparation, storage and handling of powdered infant formula

01/03/2007 - Powdered infant formula (PIF) has been associated with serious illness and death in infants due to infections with Enterobacter sakazakii and Salmonella enterica. These guidelines are a generic [...]

Pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and neonatal care: a guide for essential practice

15/08/2006 - This guide provides evidence-based recommendations to guide health-care professionals in the management of women during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period, and post abortion, and newborns [...]

Policy related to the acceptance, distribution and use of milk products in refugee settings

31/03/2006 - Policy document for staff working in emergency settings and especially those involved with food ration planning. This policy document can be accessed here [...]

Guiding principles for feeding non-breastfed children 6-24 months age

31/03/2005 - There are a number of infants who will not enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding. They include children born to HIV-positive mothers, who choose not to breastfeed, and children whose mothers have died. [...]

Breastfeeding and Maternal Nutrition

01/07/2004 - Focuses on the impact of maternal nutrition on breastmilk quantity and quality, the nutritional requirements of lactating women, the impact of breastfeeding on maternal health, and implications of [...]

FAQ - Exclusive Breastfeeding: The Only Water Source Young Infants Need

01/06/2004 - Discusses the nutritional and health consequences of giving infants water during the first six months, and the role of breastfeeding in meeting an infant’s water requirements. This FAQ can be [...]

FAQ - Breastfeeding and HIV/AIDS

20/04/2004 - Reviews the latest information on the transmission of HIV via breastfeeding and provides programmatic guidance for field activities. This FAQ can be accessed here [...]

FAQ - Mother to Mother Support for Breastfeeding

20/04/2004 - Focuses on a support group method where experienced breastfeeding mothers model optimal breastfeeding practices, share information and experiences, and offer support to other women in an atmosphere of [...]

Infant and Young Child Feeding. A tool for assessing national practices, policies and programmes

20/03/2003 - This tool is designed to assist countries in (a) summarizing current data with regard to infant and young child feeding practices, (b) assessing the strengths and weaknesses of their policies and [...]

Quantifying the Benefits of Breastfeeding: A Summary of the Evidence

15/06/2002 - Each year new evidence contributes to our knowledge of breastfeeding's role in the survival, growth, and development of a child as well as the health and well-being of a mother. This publication [...]

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