Discussion groups

UNSCN selectively convenes time-bound communities of practice or working groups to advance the analysis and discussion of key topics, capitalizing on the competence and experience from its members. 

It also facilitates networking and joint research within the UN system with a view of producing knowledge products and identifying normative issues to be potentially raised with FAO and WHO.

UNSCN offers a “one-stop-shop”for information and knowledge exchange on nutrition, including on best practices.

In November 2016, UNSCN produced an overview, CoPs and advocacy and information networks for food security and nutrition, available here.


Agriculture-Nutrition (Ag2Nut) – Community of Practice

The Agriculture-Nutrition Community of Practice (Ag2Nut) is a global network of professionals working on issues pertaining to the intersection of agriculture and nutrition. The group is informal and designed to facilitate information sharing and networking. In 2020, the group has roughly 7,500 members from 129 countries representing national and international NGOs, UN organizations, governments, universities, independent professionals, bilateral institutions, and donor organizations. The platform and activities facilitate information sharing, networking, and dialogue in support of a broader evidence base and shared advocacy. The main activities are thematic webinars proposed by group members, an announcement-only email list, and a LinkedIn Group.

The UNSCN provides a space on the UNSCN website for interested individuals to come together and join this community of practice

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Accelerated Reduction Effort on Anaemia (AREA) - Community of Practice

The Accelerated Reduction Effort on Anaemia (AREA) Community of Practice (CoP) is a network that aims to support members of the global community dedicated to improving and scaling up existing methods and strategies for anaemia reduction in a holistic and cohesive manner; and to build consensus for engagement in AREA at the global, regional and national level and commit to the achievement of the Global Nutrition Targets 2025 endorsed by the 65th World Health Assembly.

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Nutrition and Noncommunicable Chronic Diseases –
e-discussion Forum

The e-discussion forum for Nutrition & non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) is a virtual space dedicated to sharing ideas, knowledge and experience on how to make nutrition considerations more central to NCD action on the ground. Of special concern is the high burden of malnutrition in all its forms in low- and middle-income countries.

This e-discussion forum aims to contribute to building programming and policy development capacities of various groups of stakeholders in these countries and globally.

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Nutrition and Climate Change egroup – e-discussion Forum

The Nutrition and Climate change eGroup is an ad hoc online discussion forum, created with the aim of bringing a nutrition lens into climate change issues and increasing the participation of interested sectors to discuss how this can be achieved and what the priorities are. This eGroup also identifies opportunities for the nutrition agenda and weaknesses that hinder the participation of nutrition in such debates. It also aims to influence the agendas of the research community and the traditional nutrition donors.

The UN System Standing Committee on Nutrition (UNSCN) is a willing advocacy partner to strengthen the participation of nutrition on on-going and future climate change discussions.

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