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Progress of Nations 1999


Published in : 1999

Available in : English

The 1999 edition looks at the devastating impact of both HIV/AIDS and the 'debt burden' on the development, health and education of children and families in some of the poorest countries. The Progress of Nations 1999 also charts the steps taken and the progress made in child immunization and in the eradication of vitamin A deficiency.


Downloads :

Progress of Nations 1999 (PDF, 1.86Mb)

Le progr├Ęs des nations 1999 (PDF, 1.91Mb)

El Progreso de las Naciones 1999 (PDF, 1.86Mb)


Originally posted at : Unicef publications


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Themes: Breastfeeding, general, Micronutrients, general, Nutrition and HIV/AIDS, general, Nutrition and human rights, general, Nutrition assessments and M&E, general, Undernutrition, general, Vulnerable groups, general, Demographic, Exclusive breastfeeding, HIV / AIDS affected communities, HIV / AIDS affected communities, Micronutrient deficiencies, Micronutrient deficiencies, Orphans, Poverty, Rights of the child, Socio-economic, Vitamin A / Night blindness


Life-cycle focus: Lactation, Infancy


Resource types: Flagship publications, Scientific/background documents


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